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Boost your in-game revenue
with real-time personalisation

Growing your in-game purchases takes people, time and money.
GOSUtag is a service designed to power your in-game store personalisation
For publishers
According to Superdata 51% of gamers do not spend money on additional in-game content. Treat your players in a personal manner to grow your microtransactions revenue with a help of GOSUtag personalisation service.
For developers
UE4 SDK handles personalisation backend pain and provides easy to link items ranged by purchase probability.
Most used scenarios
Recommended category
Show new recommended category containing items relevant to that specific player.
Visually highlight items relevant
to that specific player within existing categories.
Show popup/loading screen with a specific item out of those relevant to that specific player.
How does real-time
personalisation work?
Link your
SDK connects to players' in-shop behaviour and expects per player_id recommendation request. GOSUtag Personalisation Service now builds and updates your game recommendation model.
Get recommendations
SDK provides a list of in-game shop items sorted by purchase probability for that particular player_id. These items are now cached and available for preferred scenario within your in-game shop.
Grow even
As more players are enjoying your game more your recommendations become even better over time. Best part is as soon as new content becomes available there's no need to do anything, SDK will pick it up automatically.
Grow revenue
Personalisation is widely used
to power growth for many entertainment products. Think Netflix, YouTube, Spotify,
you name it.
Zero additional costs
No need to hire more people to use the service. Thanks to GOSUtag SDK developers are able to figure it out in a matter of hours.
Go with blueprints for vigorous implementation. UE4 SDK contains demos for 3 most used scenarios.
Flexible and scalable
Pick scenario(s), acquire
credentials and link your content. Recommendations scale automatically up to millions of users.
SDK is verified by UE4 Marketplace and published on GitHub so you can always be sure what it does.
Free of charge
for 10 titles
We are committed to provide the service free of charge for first 10 titles lifetime. Monetisation will most likely be MAU or flat-fee based afterwards
Gosu Data Lab is a team of 25 passionate players Data Scientists, Software Engineers, Product Managers, other amazing folks and 5 fishes.

Gosu Data Lab has an extensive experience on working with game data from both b2c and b2b perspective. Our most prominent products to date – a suite of Dota 2, League of Legends and PUBG AI-based training assistants for players – are serving millions of players.
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Unity SDK
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We can't wait to see what you build next!
In a meantime feel free to reach out with any questions, ideas and requests

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